5 Things to See While in Cambridge


1) The Cambridge University Botanic Garden


Cambridge University’s beautiful botanic garden is home to more than 8,000 different species situated on 40 acres of land.

For those keen on the outdoors, the Botanic Gardens are a great way to enjoy the fresh air without having to leave the city centre.


2) The Fitzwilliam Museum


Just a fifteen minute walk from the Cambridge Union where GSS 2017 will take place, the Fitzwilliam Museum is the arts and antiquities museum of the university.

The museum houses over half a million paintings, sculptures and artifacts. Best of all, admission is free!


3) Punting on the river Cam


There may be no better way to enjoy the summer weather in Cambridge than taking a punt down the river Cam. Taking the flat-bottomed, gondola-like punt boat down the river has been a favorite recreation activity in Cambridge since Edwardian times.

The GSS 2017 conference will take place May 26-28, which is peak punting season!


4) Peterhouse College


Founded in 1284, Peterhouse College is the oldest constituent college in Cambridge! Peterhouse College, which is south of the central Cambridge campus, has been home to five Nobel Laureates.


5) Christ’s Pieces Park


Christ’s Pieces is a Victorian park in central Cambridge. Christ’s Pieces is popular with students and tourists, particularly in the spring and summer months. The park is home to Milton’s Walk, named for former Christ’s College resident and poet John Milton.