The GSS 2016 team is looking for people, organizations, or groups who are working to address viagra 50mg or 100mg pressing issues in any field in their context (global, local, or national). We want to highlight how people, organizations, or groups use interdisciplinary or inter-sectional approaches to conceptualize the problem and develop strategies to address them. All we ask is for a 500-750 word blog submission along with any relevant media, quotes, or web links. 

If you’d like to have your work highlighted, please submit an entry to with subject line “GSS 2016 Blog Entry”

Guiding questions for Blog:

The theme for GSS 2016 is ‘Spaces in Between: Innovation, Insight and Progress at the Intersection’. What does this theme mean to you with particularly reference to the work that you’re doing? How do you use interdisciplinary or  inter-sectional approaches to gain insight into the local, national, or global pressing problem that you are working on addressing? How do you use interdisciplinary or  inter-sectional approaches to develop innovative strategies to address the local, national, or global pressing problem that you are working on addressing? Please discuss your strategy for addressing the main issue your focusing on. What are the challenges and benefits in using interdisciplinary or inter-sectional approaches to solve/address the pressing issues your working on?  Why is the space in between disciplines or the intersection between fields important in addressing local, national, and global pressing issues?