GSS in Previous Years

GSS 2013

The theme for the 2013 Global Scholars Symposium

“The Next 30 Years: Bridging Ideas to Action”

In thirty years, millennials will have come of age. The generation raised on the Internet will be parents and policymakers, department heads and CEOs: the world’s experienced leaders. We challenge scholars at GSS 2013 to envision how the world might have changed in thirty years and how they might have shaped its course. From education reform to climate change to global standards for justice, the issues discussed at GSS are calls to our generation to act. But do we agree on what needs to be done, and are we prepared for this responsibility? How can we bridge our ideas of today to action for tomorrow?

Speakers included

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Justice Goodwin Liu

H.E. Gordon Campbell

Prof. Cindi Katz

Wes Moore

Wanjira Mathai


GSS 2012

Speakers included

John Macall MacBain

Lord Christopher Patten

Prof. Ngaire Woods

Dr. Kumi Naidoo

Dr. Joseph Nye

Cara Hoffman


GSS 2011

Speakers included

Dominic Barton

Sir John Bell

Dr. Nick Bostrom

Prof. Stefan Dercon

Ariella Helfgot

Dr. Cameron Hepburn

Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs

Dr. Mo Ibrahim