Small group topics – GSS 2015

This year, we will have themed small group discussions on the topics listed below with the idea of bringing delegates together in an intimate setting to discuss their thoughts and feelings about issues related to the topic. The topics vary in specificity to allow for creative and productive discussions that we hope will help establish relationships among delegates that will last beyond GSS. These topics have been inspired by results from a survey of potential GSS delegates sent out earlier this academic year.


  1. The Internet Age: Has IT changed the way we build impact, and how? 

  2. Does aid hinder development?

  3. The Impact of Science: What is the balance between applied science and pursuing pure research?

  4. Leadership: Is leadership a useful concept for thinking about impact or is it overly individualistic?

  5. Religion: How can perspectives from the world’s religions shape an ethical life?

  6. Our Relationship with Nature.

  7. Inclusivity & Diversity: When can groups harness diversity rather than being hamstrung by it?

  8. Ethical Investing: Should investments profit-maximise or should they do more?

  9. Public Health & Social Change.

  10. Racism and White Privilege: Confronting racism and white privilege in building impact.