Michael O’Keefe is a postgraduate student and Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. A proud Newfoundlander and Canadian, Michael is an alumnus of Memorial University, where he completed his Bachelor of Music (Honours) with a double major in Trumpet Performance and Musicology in 2018. At convocation, he was awarded the University Medal for Academic Excellence in Music, as well as the Chancellor’s Award and Fry Family Foundation Scholarship, the University’s highest honours for leadership. Michael is deeply interested in the nexus between music, diplomacy and public policy in the pursuit of solutions to global challenges. His undergraduate thesis was entitled “Musicalizing Diplomacy: Strengthening Canada’s Role in Global Leadership.”

Michael represented Memorial University’s undergraduate community as a member of Senate and on the Students’ Union Board of Directors, and he represented the University at Converge 2017, a Universities Canada conference of future innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and community leaders from Canada’s universities to discuss what Canada can become in the next 50 years. He was also selected as one of ten Canadian and ten American university students to attend the Fulbright Canada Youth Institute on Canada in the World, and co-authored a report on the future of Canadian foreign policy and Canada-US relations.

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