The 2016 Global Scholars Symposium kicked off on the morning of Friday, 13 May. After registration, we all sat down to listen to the Symposium start. The afternoon began with an opening discussion on the theme from GSS Executive member, Rebecca Peters. Rebecca discussed the origins on the 2016 Symposium theme Spaces in Between.  She […]

Resisting Systemic Oppression through Critical Peace Education “I live inside the belly of the rough, Compton USA made me an Angel on Angel Dust”- Kendrick Lamar, m.A.A.D City (2012)  Across the US, socioeconomically disadvantaged young men of color are increasingly vulnerable to negative or violent experiences  that range from witnessing or being a victim of […]

An Affront against All Women Laws passed for the protection of women are rarely made in the interest of women.   Over the past three weeks, the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) has come under attack by national corporations and local activists alike for passing House Bill 2, a bill that, among many other provisions, […]

Why geography is better without a map Since my earliest days in mom-imposed gingham and saddle shoes, I approached each school year with no small amount of energy and romance. I lined up office supplies and color-coded file folders, as if an organized desk ensured an organized mind. Coming up to Oxford, the start of […]

A Secular Age? Re-Enchantment in the Mosque Are we witnessing the clash of civilizations, as predicted by Samuel Huntington? The rise of the secular and fall of religion in Europe and the United States? Or are we instead witnessing the growth of in-between spaces that take for granted a reality of multiple or fused identities—the […]

Crafting Change Agents Through Dialogue in South Africa and the US Over the past year, in collaboration with my friend, Isabel Morgan, we founded Crafting Change Agents (CCA), as a means to provide opportunities for civic engagement and leadership development for underrepresented undergraduate students. We envision a transnational social justice network of youth scholar‐activists that […]

Chronic community-level trauma in the context of urban poverty has been well documented (SAMHSA, 2014). Moreover, structural barriers to improve socioeconomic status and achieve gainful employment persist for Black communities in the U.S. More specifically, the 2013 U.S. Census notes that in Baltimore, Maryland, Black men ages 20-24 are about four times more likely to […]

The GSS 2016 team is looking for people, organizations, or groups who are working to address viagra 50mg or 100mg pressing issues in any field in their context (global, local, or national). We want to highlight how people, organizations, or groups use interdisciplinary or inter-sectional approaches to conceptualize the problem and develop strategies to address them. All we ask is […]

The Student Vote: Why California Needs Automatic Student Voter Registration In the 2014 general elections, California experienced a record low voter turnout when less than half of the state’s registered voters cast their ballot. Among these voters, the 18-24 year old population had the lowest turnout for all age groups, making up a meager 3.9% […]

We are thrilled to announce another amazing speaker for GSS 2015 – the Award-winning ‘wobbly’ comedian, Francesca Martinez! Francesca is an award-winning wobbly* comedian, writer and speaker who has toured internationally with sell- out runs around the world including The Melbourne Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. She […]